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My name is Deborah.

In 2017 I came up with the great idea to start a clothing line by which I can give something positive back to others.

As a little girl and even as an adult woman with Surinamese descent and a black appearance, I sometimes had a certain negative feeling about my appearance.

This mainly because it was often difficult for me to compare myself to everything that was seen as 'beautiful' in appearances.

Unfortunately over the years, I noticed the same with certain people around me and felt that I needed to change this.

Over the years I have come to see how important it is to love yourself and how important it is to see that we are all beautiful and unique in every way!

That is why I started my clothing line called KinkCoils and I hope that in this way I can bring something positive and beautiful to everyone.


KinkCoils motto is self love, loving yourself and who you are.

Accepting your appearance just because you are beautiful and unique!

KinkCoils works with various artists around the world.

If their work fits the KinkCoils motto, then it's a match!

All portraits are specially designed for KinkCoils and can therefore not be found anywhere else.

It's all created from our own ideas, developed by the relevant artists with of course their own styles of drawing.

So you always have something unique on your clothing or accessories!

This because a small amount of clothing en accessories are always sold with the relevant work of art on it.

KinkCoils works for a large part with organic materials, we try to adapt most articles to this in the webshop as much as possible.

The shipping material is largely environmental friendly and recycled.

In this way, KinkCoils tries to give a little bit to our beautiful earth and society.


The goal of KinkCoils is to turn something negative into something positive and we hope that you, will join KinkCoils!


Do you like an portrait?

Do not wait too long to purchase your item, as it is only available in limited quantities.



~ Love yourself and spread the word ~